Match your users with location-based information

Provide relevant information based on your user's location

Tag your content by area

In your CMS, match elected officials to their districts, organize actions by region or tag news by neighborhood.

Collect a user's address

Use any geocoding API like Google or Bing to transform their address to a latitude and longitude.

Match it to an area

Send the coordinates to Represent Boundaries to find the geographic area that covers their location.

Display relevant content

Invite supporters to take local actions, show readers stories from a local election race, or build “email your elected official” campaigns.

Organize your people database by geographic area

Collect people's addresses

In your CRM, make sure you're collecting people's addresses. Use a geocoding API to transform addresses to latitudes and longitudes.

Match them with areas

Use the Represent Boundaries API to find the geographic areas that contain those addresses. Update people's profiles with their matching areas.

Segment people geographically

Match your volunteers, donors or voters to electoral districts to better mobilize volunteers, organize donation drives or target canvassing.

Used by some of the most popular civic and democratic websites helps millions of Americans easily track the activities of the United States Congress.

Open States by the Sunlight Foundation allows anyone to track lawmaking in their US state.


Open North's API powers the online email campaigns of Canada's largest nonprofits and unions.

This Code for DC app helps increase participation in DC's Advisory Neighborhood Commissions.

Use a public Represent Boundaries API to power your website

Instead of collecting data and installing Represent Boundaries yourself, you can use one of these public instances.

Canada by Open North is the most comprehensive source for electoral districts in Canada, including all provinces and nearly 400 municipalities. It's used by some of Canada's largest nonprofits and labor unions. Try out the demo or re-use its open-source code.

United States has US Congressional Districts and boundary sets from the US Census Bureau and District of Columbia. Read its documentation or re-use its open-source code.

Represent Boundaries is free and open-source

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